Hello World

Is this... is this thing working?

Oh, hello! I can see you now very clearly, thank you for stopping by!

Please, come in, feel right at home. You might be finding something useful, which will make your journey a tad less dangerous or a lot more beautiful! Please, take a seat first, and let me show you around...


Three things were happening within the last week:

Firstly, I developed a Token Editor I named Tokenizer in a moment of absurd creativity! I concentrated very hard and polished the edges so I can create a prerelease version that won't crash your computers and devour your childr... no, I can't guarantee that (yet).

Secondly, I have set up a Patreon campaign for all the nice folks that want to show a tiny bit of appreciation (wohoo! You are awesome!)

Thirdly, I have built a backend development toolkit (stop yawning, it's really great and interesting!) that helps me in my workflow to provide content way easier to everybody, including you. Ah, now you are listening, right? Basically, whenever I create a release on my developmemt battlestation, it will be automatically available here, accessible for you. Ha! All power to engineers!

(the fourth thing nobody likes to talk about) I rewrote the backend completely, and it suits me now even better.shhhh!

Now, go, go, have a look around and tell me what you think.